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Burglar alarm and Intruder alarms for home and business - Waldon Security Systems, St Austell, Cornwall

Using a burglar alarm system for your property, domestic or commercial, is the best deterrent available.

We offer a number of effective and dependable burglar alarm systems using the latest technologies including wired and wireless alarm systems. We also offer remote signaling alarm systems so properties can be monitored while they are empty.

Benefits to installing an intruder alarm system include:

  • Deterrent for burglars and intruders – Properies are 3 times less likely to be targeted if a security alarm system is installed.
  • Instant alerts when trouble arises, if linked to your mobile.
  • Authorities can be alerted immediately for a quick response, using our security monitoring service.
  • 24/7 protection for your property.
  • Cost effective method to cover multiple entry points and rooms.
  • Peace of Mind.

Wired Burglar Alarm Systems are the traditional method of fitting an alarm to your property. Cabling is installed throughout, connecting the control panel to the intruder sensors and alarm annunciation device.

Wireless Burglar Alarms work in the same way as traditional wired alarms but remove the need for cable installation. They can also be more difficult for potential intruders to disable as there are no wires to follow.

Remote Signaling Alarms send information to an Alarm Receiving Centre when the alarm is set off. The ARC will then notify a third party (either another property key holder, or the police) to the intrusion. If you wish the Police to be notified by the ARC system it must be installed, monitored and maintained in line with ACPO policy.

See an example of one of our Intruder alarm system installations at Truro Park and Ride, Cornwall. We also offer home alarm systems.

For some simple tips on how to protect your office equipment from burglars see our blog: Protecting High Value Assets in your Office

Properties which have a burglar alarm installed are 84% less likely to be burgled.

Office for National Statistics

Does your home or business need a new alarm system? Here are some signs that your security system needs to be reviewed.

When it comes to security for your business, it’s important to be on top of any issues before a real problem arises. Here are some key signs that it’s time for a security review.

You can no longer get replacement parts for your system

When it comes to security systems, ensuring your equipment is performing as it should be is paramount. Any piece of technology that is behind the times is a clear reminder to make a security review a priority.

You do not of course, have to go out and buy every new CCTV camera or wireless alarm system that comes on the market, but do take a look at what your current alarm system offers compared to others on the market. If there is another alarm out there that more effectively meets your needs, then chances are you’re in need of an upgrade.
We’re happy to help and give you honest advice about what will best suit your needs and can offer free advice. Call us on 01726 65636.

A few things have been going wrong lately…

It can be easy to miss signs that something is amiss. Did a stray cat or bird manage to find its way into the building? Did a member of staff struggle to find their keys because the external lights weren’t on? If you were to receive a phone call asking for an employee that had left the company some time ago, is that just annoying or a sign of something bigger?

If an animal has managed to find its way inside, there could be a weak point of entry to the property. If lights aren’t working one evening, are they about to fail completely and give intruders an easier opportunity to break in? A call asking for a former employee can be a serious sign protocol wasn’t followed when that person left so make sure that all of your passwords and security plans have been updated since that employee left.
If you experience a string of mishaps and you don’t have regular scheduled security reviews, you should be taking a moment to really consider the true meaning behind the occurrence as it could mean you’re in need of a thorough review now.

You don’t have a date for the next security review in your calendar

While it’s great to stay alert throughout the year, checking your security is effectively protecting you and your property is something that you should be thinking formally about on a regular basis. If you can’t remember the last time you performed a check then you’re probably overdue.

If it helps, adding checks to your calendar once a year can help you maintain a strong security plan, allowing you to pick up on any shortcomings or faults a lot more quickly than if you were to wait for something to simply go wrong.
If you feel like you could use some help conducting these checks, you can book an engineer to come out and test all of your systems. Should they uncover any faults, they will make recommendations on how to alter it or suggestions on changes that should be made.

For more advice or to get your security systems checked call us on 01726 65636 or email us as our team are always happy to help.

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