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Protecting high value assets in your office

When it comes to thefts from your business or workplace, certain items such as laptops and other high value, portable equipment is always the first to tempt thieves. Here are some tips on which items are often targeted and how to protect them.

Which items are commonly stolen from workplaces?

Key measures to improve security

Inventory Control

Review or establish procedures to identify high value assets that you wish to protect and record the following information: 

  • Equipment manufacturer and model number. Serial or VIN number – if none is available, a unique number should be permanently marked on the equipment and recorded 
  • Date of purchase, receipt and valuation (information needed in the event of a claim) 
  • Where it is stored and who has access to storage facility.
  • Photograph 
  • Staff authorized to use the equipment 

Ensure employees have good security advice

Ensure all staff who are in possession of mobile phones and laptops are aware of key security habits.

  • Keeping mobile devices with them as often as possible and ensuring they are out of sight or locked away when unattended.
  • Laptops, tablets and smartphones should never be left on a vehicle seat, even when driving as their device could be stolen at traffic lights, for example. 
  • Ensuring tablets and smartphones are not openly displayed when out and about unless absolutely necessary.

Laptop locks

Laptops are regularly targeted during burglaries, particularly by opportunists who may be passing by and of course, as laptops are made to be used on the go, workers often take them out of the more secure location of the office. 

Laptop locks act like bike locks. Metal cables attach to a security slot which are found in many laptops. There are also adaptors which can be fixed on in various ways if your laptop does not have this security slot.  The lock is then looped around or connected to a non-moveable object, such as a pole or table bolted to the floor. You can also buy anchors to be attached to desks in the workplace if laptops are commonly left unattended.

Security tagging

For items which should not leave the business premises, security tagging systems can help to monitor when an item is taken beyond a security zone, tags can also be used to track items. Sticky or magnetic tags are attached to key items which are small, portable and high value. A high frequency radio signal can be triggered if the item breaches a security zone. This can be turned on or off by a systems administrator. Often tags are used on items with high retail value, but it is also worth considering use on items that hold sensitive or confidential data. We stock a full range of sticky and magnetic security tags.

Keep records of work mobile IMEI numbers

Smart phones have a unique serial number known as an IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity).Unlike other identifying information stored on the phone’s removable SIM card, these numbers are etched into its circuits and difficult to alter. You can typically find this number printed on or under the phone’s battery. If stolen, reporting the IMEI number means network providers can blacklist the phone, rendering it useless to the thief and can help in recovery if the phone is found.

Locked cabinets and safes

Whether it is cash, confidential documents or valuable equipment such as cameras, locked cabinets and in some cases, a safe is another option. It is best to use a Eurograde safe (Europe-wide security standard) that is also approved by the Association of Insurance Surveyors (AiS). Ensure that up to date records are kept of who has access to locks and safes and that procedures are in place to regularly change passcodes.

Monitored security systems

A monitored security system can be placed to ensure 24/7 protection of key areas. These can act as a deterrent through verbal challenges and also shorten police response times. It also reduces risk of alarms being ignored. It is possible for us to monitor security systems that have been installed previously. 

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