Easter Egg hunt for Little Harbour Children‘s Hospice

Calling all bosses…How about an Easter Egg Hunt?

The last two years have been relentlessly hard for everyone, how about taking 15 minutes out for a moment of fun?  We’d like to throw down the gauntlet and suggest leaders of office teams big or small set up an Easter egg hunt for those around them who give so much. We are going to do ours on Thursday 14th April.

Here’s how it works…

A kitty is set up, the team leader puts in £10 or a contribution of their choosing, and staff make a donation (50p to £2 – they choose), the collected money is donated to a charity that means something to you, we have chosen “Little Harbour” which is part of the Children’s Hospice South West.

The team leader comes in early on the day of the Easter egg hunt and hides the eggs all around the workplace (it’s a good idea to count how many you put out and make a rough note of where because otherwise you will be finding them until Christmas!).

Everyone who has donated then gets to enjoy the Easter egg hunt, let us know if you are keen to take part and we’d love to see photos.

Here are some links to resources to help make the Easter egg hunt set up a bit simpler –

Easter Egg hunt kit from Banardos

An insurance bod’s guide to an accident free Easter Egg hunt
(if you’re going to plan something big!)

For those who want to add some branding… https://www.distinctiveconfectionery.com/personalised-easter-eggs-and-chocolate/personalised-foil-wrapped-mini-easter-eggs

Selection of mini Easter eggs
(ideally choose the ones that are wrapped)

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