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A guide to hi tech locks

New technology means there are a host of new options when it comes to security locks for your home. Here’s a guide to some more hi tech choices, with a little help from

Smart Locks

There are certainly benefits to having an old fashioned lock and key or mechanical lock or latch, but nowadays there are a range of options. Smart locks can be operated from your phone or another device such as a tablet or computer. You can check your door is locked from afar, let people in if they need access while you’re offsite and you can also lock certain areas of the premises while allowing access to others at your discretion. A word of caution, however  — smart locks rely on wi-fi and electricity to operate the mechanisms of the locks, so they can be vulnerable, or simply not work if there is a powercut or some other disruption to the electricity supply or your device gets damaged. It’s therefore best to choose an option which has a good old-fashioned mechanical back-up option so you can still get in and lock up if there’s a technical issue.

Biometric Locks

Many of us have become used to unlocking our phones with our fingerprints, or maybe even logging into our bank account with facial recognition technology. But nowadays you can install retinal scan or fingerprint locks to secure exterior doors to improve security in particularly sensitive areas. These locks are also helpful of course because there’s no concern over losing your keys and it’s not simple to bypass these locks. Different users can be programmed in and removed so only staff or visitors who need access can get in.

Remote Control Locks

You need a totally automated security system for these locks, but you can now get lock systems which will allow you to lock or unlock your door remotely. These locks can be particularly helpful for people with limited mobility to save them getting up and down to unlock doors, and they also allow you to check locks on different doors without going through the premises or house to check them one by one. You can also schedule times for doors to lock or unlock or connect floodlight systems so the lights go on when a door is unlocked.

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