Securing your home over the COVID Christmas Break

5 things you can do to keep your premises secure during the COVID Christmas break

While the Christmas lift in lockdown restrictions means we can all see more family and friends, it does also mean that many premises will be completely empty for the five day period when people are allowed to travel and see family and friends. 

Here is a guide to the most important things you can do to keep your premises safe during the COVID Christmas break if you are going away.

One of the unusual things about this Christmas is that there is a clear period of time — between 23rd to 27th December when properties are likely to be empty. Therefore if you can make it seem as though you are home, burglars are going to avoid your premises.

1- Use timed lighting

You can invest in special security lighting which is timed to go on and off. The more sophisticated systems will go on and off at different times, thus mimicking real life behaviour more effectively. You can also buy devices nowadays which mimic the effect of a TV being on at certain times of day.

2- Talk to the neighbours

Ask a neighbour or friend to open and close your curtains every day and move any post or parcels so that they are well out of sight of the windows. It’s also worth checking if you have a neighbourhood watch scheme and finding out if there are arrangements being made to help each other during this Christmas period.

3- Take a look through your own windows.

Put keys and tempting items such as laptops out of sight. Also consider giveaway items such as present wrapped and still waiting to be opened which might be visible to anyone looking through the window. Would someone checking think it is likely someone is on the premises?

4- Scope out your garden / outdoor area

Imagine that you are locked out and need to get into the house. Would you be able to get in easily through your fences and gateways? Are there tools in your garden, shed or outbuildings which could be used to crack open a window or door? Lock any of these away safely (and make sure you leave your spare keys with someone reliable!)

5- Consider additional security devices

Motion activated lights, or smart security cameras and alarms which will allow you monitor your home from afar are another good way to make sure your premises are safe this COVID Christmas break. 

As always our team are happy to offer advice and help on making sure your premises are safe not just at Christmas but all year. We also offer 24 hour monitoring systems so you can leave your security in safe hands. Call us on 01726 65636 or email us at for advice.

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