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6 simple winter habits which will help you stay safe from fire

Most of us are aware that we should check our smoke detector batteries and turn unnecessary electrical items off when we leave the house or go to bed. But to stay safe from fire you need to consider the common causes, however, there are some habits many of us won’t even think of that can greatly reduce our risk, especially during the colder months.

1 – Put your clothes straight into a laundry basket

A common cause of fire according to statistics is clothes being left close to heaters at

this time of year. Many of us are guilty of pushing our clothes aside for a short while before we tidy away, but getting into a habit of putting discarded items back in the drawer or straight into the laundry basket means you just remove the risk.

2 – Cleaning the lint out of your tumble or washer drier

Another common cause of fires is clogged up washing / drying appliances. Regularly removing the lint out of your machine is a good way to avoid this.

This link gives more detail on how you can safely clean your drier.

3 – Always register yourself as the owner when you buy or get given new appliances.

From time to time it is discovered that there are faults with particular makes and models of new appliances. We tend to buy more white goods during the winter, particularly during sale times. We’ve all thrown away the guarantees and paperwork that comes when we have something new and shiny, but taking a few minutes to make sure the manufacturer can get in touch with you if they need to recall the product can be life saving. Visit

4 – Got a cold or had a few drinks?

Get a takeaway! This is the official advice of the London Fire Brigade which points out that cooking is one of the main causes of fires with 60% of fires starting in the kitchen. If you are feeling under the weather or have enjoyed a few drinks, make it a habit to stay safer and get takeaway food, or store a few snacks which don’t need to be cooked to hand.

5 – Have a key hook for your doors and windows

The importance of where you put your door and window keys each night might only become clear if you were struggling through smoke and heat trying to get everyone out safely when minutes count. In the winter when we tend to close the windows and put the key ‘somewhere’ it can be vitally important if access to doors is blocked due to fire. The simple habit of putting door and window in a special place where everyone in the house knows where to find them in a hurry  — and making sure everyone knows where they are and how to use them — is something you can do today that could save you and your family.

6 – Always check electric blankets when you make the bed

Electric blankets are wonderful for cold winter nights, but checking they are laid flat, that the leads are intact with no damage and that they have not got wet at all is something you should do every time you make the bed and ideally before switching them on. For more detailed information about using electric blankets safely click here:

If you want advice on whether you have the right smoke or fire alarms and the right fire extinguishers, we can help. Click here for our guide on which fire extinguishers to use in different situations:

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