Online Waldon security training resources during lockdown

People power: training resources to help teams to maintain security during lockdown

One of the most powerful crime deterrents is the presence of people who can witness break-ins and crimes. During lockdown, or even during quieter periods such as holidays, there is simply more opportunity for criminals because there are fewer people around.

Your best line of defence (after professionally installed and monitored security systems) are your staff. Here are some helpful training resources that teams can use to improve awareness, habits and procedures that will enhance your business security during quiet times.

Lockdown is having interesting and unprecedented impacts on crime rates. On the one hand, police are taking measures to ensure that no-one travels unnecessarily reducing the risk of street thefts and robberies. On the other hand, unguarded workplaces might be prone to break-ins, particularly in remote areas where police simply cannot maintain a presence. There has also been a marked increase in online fraud and cyber security breaches.

There are measures springing up to help businesses to sustain security and reduce the risk of crimes on the premises while most staff are furloughed and businesses are closed. For example, there is now a growing list of informal “shopwatch” schemes.

However, it has always been the case that staff are a vital part of defensive armour, and training, importantly, helps to keep them safer when they are working alone or in small numbers.

Here are some helpful training resources to share with staff during lockdown.

USecure: Free video library

This flibrary of videos is completely free to share with your employees (you just can’t share it via social media). You can download them and share them internally however, and they cover everything from online issues such as phishing and password security to physical security. The tip about social engineering, for example, is helpful, pointing out simple tricks criminals use such as holding two coffee cups so you hold open a secure door for them.

Training for Security

You can use the free trial but after that, courses here cost £35 each for a 45 minute video. They cover a wide range of useful topics from training for professional security officers, to fire safety training, safety for remote or lone workers and lockdown procedure for schools.

In-Depth Business Premises Security

If you would like to use lockdown as an opportunity to review your overall business premises security, this very helpful document from Croner-i outlines all major areas of security to cover and review and sets out the key ways you can implement a security conscious culture within your organisation:

Business security essentials for workers who don’t focus on security

At £180, it is a more expensive training course than some, but this training course offered by PerpetuityARC Training in partnership with The Security Institute covers everything from security risk management and surveying to perimeter security and crisis management. All in all it is a very thorough course for managers or department heads who you might train in the absence of a full time security professional on your team.

Another free resource you can access is our team here at Waldon Security. We’re happy to give you honest and helpful advice about what kind of security measures and systems would best work for your business during and after lockdown. Call us on 01726 65636 or email us at 

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