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Home and commercial fire alarm service from Waldon Security, St Austell, Cornwall

Our fire alarm systems and recommendations for prevention will protect your home or business from the devastation of fire, reducing the likelihood of a break out and ensuring early detection.

Benefits to installing a fire alarm system include:

  • Early detection reduces potential fire damage and possible smoke inhalation.
  • Increases save evacuation time from the building.
  • Alerts fire and medical authorities as soon as possible.
  • 24/7 monitoring, even when you are not there.
  • Lets you pin point exactly where the fire is.
  • Saves you money on your insurance premiums.

We have a wide range of fire alarm systems suitable for commercial and domestic purposes.

Commercial fire alarms have a series of basic functions which include; Control Panels, Smoke Detectors and Heat Detectors. More advanced systems also offer PIT systems, Manual Signal Boxes (fire alarms) and Sprinkler systems.

We stock, fit and service a wide range of alarm systems to suit all property sizes including Conventional Alarms, Addressable Alarms, Bi-wire Alarms and Radio Alarms.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems we provide

Conventional Fire Alarms provide sufficient safeguarding for smaller businesses. They work on a principle of detection zones which are linked to automatic fire detectors such as heat and smoke detectors. When the system detects a fire, an LED will light up on the main control panel indicating which zone the fire is in. It will also sound an alarm to alert people on the premises that a fire has been detected.

Addressable Fire Alarms are better suited for larger businesses or warehouses. They work in much the same way as conventional fire alarms using detection zones, but are able to give more detailed information about the location of a fire. In an addressable fire alarm system each detection device i.e. smoke or heat alarm, is given its own identification number. As the detection zones for larger premises tend to be relative, they may have more than one detection device in them. For example an addressable fire alarm system will be able to tell you that the fire has been detected in Zone 7, by detection device 3, giving you an exact point of where the fire was detected.

Bi-wire Fire Alarms operate in the same way as conventional and addressable fire alarms. The difference is that they combine the detection and alarm wiring into a single circuit as opposed to having a separate one for each set of components. This makes way for considerable savings in cabling and installation time.

Radio Fire Alarms remove the need for cabling. They offer addressable information in same way as other systems and are ideal for premises which are undergoing constant changes or where cable installation is unwanted or difficult.

See an example of one of our Intruder alarm system installations at Truro Park and Ride, Cornwall

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People in properties with a working smoke alarm are 4 times more likely to survive in the event of a fire.

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