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Waldon Security - CCTV security Systems for home and business

Waldon Security – Burglar alarm and Intruder alarms for home and business

With our CCTV security systems you will be able to monitor your entire property or specific areas remotely, alerting you instantly to any problems and recording valuable evidence.

Benefits to installing CCTV security include:

  • Deterrent for burglars
  • Instant alerts when trouble arises.
  • Recordings of incidents can provide valuable evidence in a court of law.
  • Closed Circuit TV can be highly effective in crime prevention and a determent.
  • Many insurance companies take the use of Closed Circuit TV into consideration when setting their rates.
  • Peace of Mind.

Standard Closed Circuit TV Systems come in a range of choices and involve one or more cameras recording live images sent directly to a recorder and monitor through cabling or more recently wirelessly over a wifi network. Different set-ups can be tailored to individual home or business depending on size and need. CCTV set up can be relatively easy however, choosing the correct system can be a little more daunting. Give one of our helpful customer service team a call to discuss your needs and we will happily advise you on which system is best suited to you.

Stand-alone CCTV systems are designed to be used in remote locations that have no access to power supplies. They can be used equally effectively inside or outside. Images can be recorded onto a SD memory card within the unit or even sent to your PC or mobile device.

See an example of one of our CCTV installations at Riverwalk Apartments, London

It is widely accepted that improvements to home security have been an important factor in the reduction seen in domestic burglary offences.

Office for National Statistics

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