Fire Safety Checklist by Waldon Security

Your fire safety checklist for a post lockdown return to work

As staff return to work over the summer, now is the time to make sure your fire safety equipment and procedures are all up to date so everyone can return safely.

In this guide we set out a few key things to keep in mind to meet fire safety regulations.

STEP 1. Update staff details and training

The person with overall responsibility for fire safety on a business premises is the owner, employer, landlord, occupier or building manager. As so many staff and businesses have changed over the last year, make sure you’re aware of who is responsible for fire safety now and that they understand their responsibilities:

You can find more information here:

STEP 2. Do a walk through of your premises

Most businesses have altered entrances and exits, moved fixtures and fittings and altered ventilation to doors and windows to cope with COVID. What has happened inadvertently as a result is that many fire exits have blocked or routes have changed so they are no longer the fastest exit.In addition, many businesses are storing products such as sanitiser which are potentially flammable if stored close to naked flames. Before everyone returns to work, it is a good idea to have your fire risk assessment to hand and walk through to check fire exit signs and fire safety equipment is still easily visible and accessible. Also to ensure doorways are working and routes are clear. 

Also update consideration of what is being stored where and resulting fire risk. If there have been a lot of changes, it’s a good idea to ask your local fire service for advice as part of their work involves advising businesses on fire safety.

Click on this link to find contact details for your regional fire service:

STEP 3. Test the fire alarms and equipment

Test your fire alarms, check smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries and fire extinguishers, update your records and schedule the next checks. If you need to update your equipment we have a ange of fire safety equipment, including extinguishers.

Our team are also happy to assist in testing your fire alarm systems or updating them should that be required.

STEP 4. Update your staff training

As staff return, it’s helpful to update staff training on fire procedures even if little has changed as its useful to refresh training and also reassuring.

As always our team are happy to talk through your specific needs at this time and offer information or assistance. Please contact our team on 01726 65636 or at

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