Meet the Team - Zara Rogers - Project Manager

Meet the team: Zara Rogers, Project Manager

We’re really proud to have a really dedicated and friendly team here at Waldon Security. In this article we’d like to introduce you to Zara Rogers, our Project Manager who explains a little about how we work and help our clients to solve problems and find great solutions.

“What do I enjoy about project managing, that’s easy!

The variety, a project is a finite entity.  Every project and client has a different set of needs, no two are completely alike.

A new project means new people and new scope, it keeps the job from becoming stagnant.

Team dynamics change depending on who you have with you. Leading is a great privilege and I love learning new things from my colleagues in other parts of the business, supporting them to be the best they can be, removing roadblocks and working together to overcome challenges.

It doesn’t always happen, but sometimes there is something new to try.  There might be a new piece of technology or a solution that hasn’t been used before. For me, problem solving is a massive lure and the thrill of overcoming a problem as a team is second to none and a big part of why I love the job. 

I recall as a child one of my Granny’s favourite sayings, “Problems should be solved by those who see them.”  It’s stayed with me my whole life and I like being able to overcome obstacles and propose solutions.

It’s hard work, often busy and there are often long hours especially at the beginning and end of a project. But many of the tasks lend themselves to working anywhere, in the office, on site at home in the morning or evening.

I’m incredibly lucky to have a really supportive team and a company that helps to achieve that very much sought-after work/life balance.”

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