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Free resources to train your team in fire safety

Some of our staff here at Waldon Security have just renewed their fire training and we have just had a fire inspection for our building. We know a lot about this industry but even our team members find refreshing training regularly is really helpful. Here are some free resources to ensure your staff get regular training so they can feel confident should a fire break out.


Useful and substantial videos which cover many of the basic elements of fire safety training and which are free to use for your team.

Fire Safety Awareness in the Workplace: 

A free 50 minute training video from FQM which gives an overview of fire safety in the workplace and explains how you can be more aware of your repsonsibilites around this. The video covers all the basics including basic elements of fire, employer responsibilities, fire prevention and evacuation and emergency procedures.

Fire Warden Duties

A helpful 37 minute video from Bradford Teaching Hospital which is revelant to many organisations on the roles of fire wardens. This includes day to day duties as well as coverage of how people commonly react when fire alarms go off in the workplace.

Types of fire extinguisher and their uses

A concise and helpful 4 minute training video from Spearhead elearning which covers the main types of fire extinguisher and the conditions and fires they should be used for, along with the different classifications of fires.


For those who learn by doing rather than watching and listening…

Fire Safety in the workplace quiz

A quick interactive online quiz which reveals important facts about fire safety in the workplace from City Fire. You can keep trying until you score 100%

Fire Safety at work quiz

The first of two useful quizzes from Abertay training which cover topics such as how to check if there may be fire behind a door and what to do if an electrical item becomes hot or starts to smoke.

ire Safety in the workplace quiz

A short but helpful online quiz which will help you to assess your level of fire safety awareness from the Fire Training Company.


Useful posters to download and print which can be vital fire safety reminders in the event of a fire or just be a constant visual reminder of important fire safety information plus helpful fire safety templates…

Fire Safety Basics

A helpful and detailed poster that covers the basics of fire safety in the workplace

The classifications of fire

A helpful reference which will help staff and visitors to use the correct fire extinguisher.

Faulty fire door poster

A reminder to report faulty fire doors, but helpfully this poster allows you to write in the name of the current fire warden for the area where this poster is located.

Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

This download is a template to help form a Personal Emergency Evactuation Plan for anyone who spends a significant amount of time on your premises who is disabled or has accessibility challenges which might delay them leaving using standard fire evacuation procedures. For example, if fire alarms are sound only and the individual is deaf or if the individual has mobility impairment.

Fire Safety Log Book

A free template which can be adapted or used in training as well as in practical use.

You can also see a guide to the different types of extinguisher on our website:

You can also see a guide to the different types of extinguisher on our website:

Here is a guide to the different types of fire alarm systems:

As always our team are happy to talk through your specific needs when it comes to fire safety alarms, monitoring and equipment and we can offer information or assistance in updating your fire safety procedures. Please contact our team on 01726 65636 or email

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