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Gone are the days when alarm systems might keep you safe from fire, intruders and thieves but posed a genuine threat to your interior decor. Nowadays some state of the art security systems are designed to blend beautifully into your home or carefully styled office space.

Here’s are some new options available…

Colour-matched keypads

Colour-matched keypads - Stylish security - Waldon SecurityIf you are using an intruder alarm the new Orisec 600 series touch keypad offers excellent functionality in protecting you, but it’s also designed to look good too. The keypads come in five different finishes, ranging from white, to metallic silver, metallic grey, graphite and piano black. You can also choose for the keypad to be flush with the wall, low or surface mounted. But you can also select the colour themes on the keypad, and when not in use you can choose to display picture backgrounds, such as your logo or an attractive image or colours on the keypad LCD screen.

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For fire alarms Apollo make these remarkable flush smoke detectors –

Flush fitted smoke detectors

Flush fitted Smoke derector - Stylish Security - Waldon Security

Smoke alarmsNo-one wants to compromise on functionality when it comes to choosing smoke detectors, but thanks to a rather extraordinary innovative design, the Soteria Dimension Optical Detector made by Apollo is flush mounted, meaning it is completely effective, yet very unobtrusive in any ceiling space.

It has no chamber, but instead relies on a new optical sensing technology to detect smoke particles outside the detector housing. A combination of Infra-Red (IR) LEDs and photo-diodes identify smoke particles, detected just below the detector housing and initiates an alarm.

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Of course, the most important feature of any security system is that it works and is part of an overall fire and security plan for your home or work premises. Our team are happy to offer advice and help and can suggest the best options for your needs — style and security related! They also tend to know about some of the new well-designed options that are regularly coming on to the market now.

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