St Austell Shopping centre - Waldon Security installed CCTV camera systems, CCTV monitor plus fire and intruder alarm systems

St Austell Town Centre

This contract was to construct a whole new shopping centre for the town of St Austell. This Cornish town would be subject to new multi storey parking, a cinema, numerous shops, restaurants a management suite & various amenity areas.

Waldon Security was tasked with installing a fully L1 standard fire detection and alarm system throughout the town. Also a high end intruder system with access control on all of the buildings that needed secure access.

To ensure there was a good security to both the inside and the outside of the towns buildings, Waldons also installed an in depth CCTV system, with full backups of all the images and videos. And finally a disabled refuge system, to provide clear communication to those who would need assistance in any emergency situation.

Services provided

Fire Alarm System

Waldon Security installed an analogue addressable fire alarm system within the landlords areas to an L1 standard with attention to DDA requirements as this is a public building, in addition two way interfaces were supplied to the various retail spaces. The system is linked to shut down various items of plant should the alarm trigger & is remotely monitored via our central station who ultimately will call the Brigade to a fire.

Security Works

The site is equipped with various intruder alarms & access control devices, we are unable to publish details of these.


The site is furnished with a full CCTV system covering all public & landlords areas along with the loading bays, all images are recorded & kept for future reference.

Disabled Refuge

Waldon Security installed it largest ever disabled refuge system on this site consisting of 24 call points and three sets of control equipment that allows clear two way speech between all parts of the building to ensure compliance with DDA regulations & the safety of all persons that would need assistance is leaving the building in an emergency situation.

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