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6 tips to improve security at your business

Many businesses are focussing on cyber security nowadays, but in order to improve security and reduce risk it is important to combine physical and cybersecurity efforts. Here are 6 tips to improve security in your company.

Make good use of privacy policies
Privacy policies don’t just protect others, they protect your own security measures. Having clear, considered written security and privacy policies which staff understand and use routinely will mean they won’t leak passwords or the whereabouts of key codes etc.  Websites such as Rocket Lawyer offer free templates which can be helpful if you want to update yours.

Look at your lighting
You can have the best CCTV cameras out there, but if you don’t have adequate lighting, they won’t help. Check for any dark spots both inside and outside your premises so criminals don’t have a place to hide.

Change Passwords Often
We all know we should do this, but few do. Small businesses can lose important data through hacked passwords but if your data is not secure, the code to your alarm system is equally vulnerable. It’s critical security codes both online and physical get changed often. Small business should also consider another layer of protection authentication that includes another piece of information. You can find a helpful article about the different ways to do this here. You can also use special apps and software to help you use unique passwords for all your online logins. This article offers a round up of the best options.

Use Inventory Front Door Keys

Some measures you can introduce to increase security are simple and one of those is that you should number and code any of the keys to your business so that you can keep track of them. If even one of these keys his lost or missing from the inventory, business owners should replace each and every lock. Having a clear visual system of storing numbered keys, such as hooks, where the key or coded nametag of the holder is in place, also helps you to keep track.

Have a clear process for employees who are leaving
Even if an employee left in good circumstances, their passwords, keys, knowledge of keycodes (which they may have written down somewhere to help them remember) are all vulnerabilities for your business security. A simple process where keys are handed in and logged, keycodes are changes, user accounts are deleted or emails delegated to current staff members and passwords changed means that you habitually remove these vulnerabilities from your business. This article provides a checklist of all the things you might want to consider adding to your procedure when an employee leaves.

Walk around your building
Make it a habit to walk around your premises once a month, with the viewpoint of someone who wants to commit a theft or gain unauthorised access. Are there computers unattended and open, are valuable goods left unattended in public areas, are windows open which allow unauthorised access from outside?  Also remind employees to keep an eye out for loiterers when they are arriving or leaving work. Unfamiliar people should be questioned when they are on your company property.

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