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Deterring burglars from your property

Making your house look less appealing to potential burglars can be the difference between having your house targeted and avoiding any unwanted interest. This doesn’t mean you have to deface your property but it may be worth considering where you place items in your house and who can see them.

Burglars tend to target houses that they have confirmed hold items of value to take. Sometimes they can be sure of this as they have monitored deliveries that have been arriving to the house and other times they have spotted items of interest whilst just passing the house. Other times burglars are opportunists and find a weak point in a house and act more impulsively. This could be an obvious door or window open or even just an unlocked shed.

Where to store valuables

All valuable goods should be kept out of view from windows. This lessens the chances of passers by seeing them and where they are kept in your home. Items such as computers that don’t change location often are great examples of what not to have in your window. It is also important to keep them out of the way of access points such as front and back doors to your property. This avoids opportunists from taking them if one of these entry points were left open. Having valuables out of sight and deeper in the house makes the act of stealing them much more challenging.

Where are your keys kept?

Without thinking about it a lot of people leave the keys to the car or front doors in the front porch area of their houses. If the security of your house is breached and someone manages to make it through your front door then not only do they have access to your house but also now to your car. Also, if a burglar decides to take your keys after breaking in and you fail to make quick security amendments such as having the locks changed after being broken in too then there is a chance you will be targeted again, this time much easier.

The exterior of your house

There are many ways to make your house less appealing to burglars just from its exterior features. Having a gravel driveway leading to your front door will create a noise when being walked over. This is a clear signal to a homeowner that there may be someone approaching the house. Having a gate in front of your driveway also makes getting to your house a lot more difficult and prevents a smooth entry and escape for the burglar.

If you have a shed around your property it is important to make sure that it is locked. In many burglaries, sheds have been targeted first and objects found inside are then used to get in to the house.

When you’re away from home

When preparing to go on holiday or leave the house for a longer period of time than usual, we don’t always remember to secure our homes in the best way. Some key things to think about are, cancelling regular orders such as the newspaper or any fresh produce deliveries that you receive. If you have a build up of these deliveries by your front door it will be a clear sign to burglars that you are away.

Ask a neighbour to check your house and change the blind/curtain position, this gives the impression that there are still people present in the property. Having a neighbour park on your driveway also gives the impression that someone is home especially when left overnight.

Burglars are opportunists and there will never be a way to be 100% sure that they won’t target you. The only thing that you can do is make it harder and less appealing for them. By considering the placement of different items inside of your home and the way your home looks from the outside you can significantly reduce your chances of being broken in too.

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