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Common misconceptions about home security

Many homeowners have misconceptions about home security and its importance which leads to inadequate protection and their homes being left unnecessarily vulnerable. Throughout this blog we will be going through some common misconceptions surrounding home security and offering some solutions. 

“I live in a safe area, I don’t need security.”

Assuming that your street is safe because you live in a low crime area is a common mistake that many people make. The likelihood is that the people you live near are safe and trustworthy but others may venture down your street that may not be. No where is immune to crime so the best way to protect your home is to invest in prevention methods. The simplest way to do this is to install a comprehensive alarm system. The best type will include full round the clock monitoring. An advanced system should also send you mobile alerts if any trouble arises. At Waldon Security we have two main types of alarm, wireless and remote signalling. The wireless alarms are great for deterring burglars as they are very difficult to disable due to their lack of wires. Remote signalling alarms will send notifications of an intrusion to either another key holder or the police. 

“A basic alarm system will work to keep burglars away.”

Having a very basic alarm system is a good start to protecting your home, however there are many much more efficient ways to ensure that your home and those you love are protected. Installing a security camera is another way of preventing any unwanted visitors. They are also the best way of providing evidence if your home was to get broken into. Another option that is usually a lot less expensive is to install a fake security camera. This is a great way of deterring people from your property without the expense of running 24 hour CCTV.

“I can’t be a target, I don’t have anything valuable.”

You may believe that just because you have nothing valuable, at least not on display, that your chances of experiencing a break in will be reduced. Theoretically that should be true.  However, if because of this reason you have taken no measures to protect your home and deter people from breaking and entering, you may find that opportunists see your home as an easy target.

Even if you don’t believe your home has anything valuable inside, your home itself is probably one of your most valuable assets and protecting it and your loved ones inside is crucial. It is a lot easier to protect your home and encourage unwanted people away from it than it is to repair damage and recover stolen goods.

“I leave the lights on, that will be enough to deter people from trying to break in.”

This definitely could put some people off from entering your home. For some, the thought that someone within the home is awake and could catch them in the act is enough to prevent them from trying. For others, patterns such as leaving certain lights on are easy to track, burglars are clever. If they have a target there is a chance they will monitor that house days, maybe weeks in advance before actually attempting to enter the property. Over a short amount of time they will be able to determine whether the lights are being changed manually by someone in the house or whether they are on to give the impression that someone is home when actually they are not and the house is empty and vulnerable.

“Home security is too expensive, I wouldn’t even know where to start.”

For many, home security is believed to be too far out of reach financially. As well as this many find home security to be quite complex and overwhelming to think about considering the amount of options there are. There are many different security options available at different prices and the best way to find out what would be the best suited to you is to get in touch with your local security company. 

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