5 key security tips if you are working from home

There are lots of tips about cyber security, but with more and more of us working from home, businesses are at risk of having laptops and other equipment stolen along with important papers and data which is kept as a hard copy. Here is a quick guide to making sure that a home office has basic security in place:

  1. Lock up when you clock out. Just as you lock up the office when you leave for the day, do the same when working from home (it’s also good for your mental wellbeing and stress levels). Also keep note of who has the keys (or access to the keys) to your office and keep them in a place which is easy for you to remember but not obvious to intruders.
  2. Laptops can be stolen from your backyard, living room or home office. Take your laptop inside when you go and make lunch, and lock the door to your home office. Keep your home workspace as secure as you keep your normal office.
  3. Consider laptop security devices such as cover locks or  GPS tracking, or as an employer you could provide asset tags for your work issued laptops.
  4. If you hold confidential or important paperwork for your business, use a fireproof safe or lock box to store the files and use it.
  5. Most thefts are opportunist rather than planned, and it’s often simpler than you think to make your home premises look uninviting to the curious trespasser. Automatic motion sensor lights are an excellent method, as are security cameras, and they are often not as costly as you might imagine. 

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