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4 surprising New Year resolutions that will help to keep your company and staff secure in 2020

This time of year is often a good time to get into new habits or make changes that can make life more secure. Here are four simple, and yet perhaps unexpected resolutions which can help you keep safe as 2020 gets underway.

1 – Forget passwords

For those in the know, passwords are going the way of the dodo. We all know that people often use obvious passwords, over and over again, and once criminals have a password, it can result in multiple security breaches. That’s why more and more firms are now offering biometric security systems, ranging from fingerprint technology, frequently used on smartphones now, to facial recognition software, systems that can identify the way an individual walks or scans their retina and even technology that monitors how customers regularly behave online to spot any anomalies. 

Find out more about advances in this article below and talk to our team for information on biometric systems that can make security better and easier to use.

2 – Upgrade your doorbell

Recent technology has also seen the arrival of video doorbells which connect to apps on the phone. These systems allow you to check who is at the door remotely, have two way conversations and automated systems so, if it is someone you trust but no-one is at the premises, you can let them in without being present. Talk to our team for systems we offer.

3 – Take a new year stroll around your office

It’s a simple, but really effective security measure which people often never do, and very rarely do on a fairly regular (i.e. yearly) basis, but it can save lives and keep you safe. Walk around your office to familiarise yourself with the layout and how it has changed. Take note of at least two, or three escape routes in the event of fire or threat and walk them out, to ensure that no blockages are in place at exits or narrow passageways. Make it a ‘back to work habit’ whenever you come back from a break, so you’re up to date with exits that are no longer in use, or changes in the workplace layout.

4 – Tell lies on social media

Do you put your actual, real birthday on social media, do you discuss freely when you leave work, when you are going on holiday, or even put your address up? There’s no harm in putting your actual birthday on social media, but change the year of birth a little, make sure the answers to some of your more common security questions aren’t easy to answer for anyone willing to spend 5 minutes looking at your Facebook profile, and save the humble boast images of you in the enviable holiday until you are home. Anything else is a gift to cyber criminals looking for information that can help them to breach your online security or even break into your home or workplace.Of course the best New Year resolution of all is to get a security review, and advice tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our team here at Waldon Security are happy to help.

For more advice or to get your security systems checked call us on 01726 65636 or email us as our team are always happy to help.

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